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Our beliefs and ideas.

We’re a creative analytics agency located in Groningen, The Netherlands.
We work with data in every part of the world. Place and time don’t exist anymore.

This is our thinking:

Solution Adoption

Adoption really comes from a user’s experience. If they can’t understand or use it, it is worthless.

Data Informs a Design

Only the data and logic you apply can inform design decisions. If you don’t care about a metric’s logic and associations, you can’t analyze the outcomes.

Start at the End

Data is only valuable when it enables learning or decision making. You can only draw a conclusion at the end of an analysis. That is where a good design starts.

Obsess over Simplicity

“It’s easy to make things complex.” We are eager to turn this idea 180 degrees.

Ideation is Innovation

“We don’t know what we don’t know. Explore, experiment and break stuff to figure out.” This is the start for improvement or maybe see things from a whole new perspective.

Turnkey Solutions

We are builders. We’ll leave you with a relevant and working solution. You’ll only need to care about maintenance.


What you'll offer us.

We really look forward to the things you’ll share with us.


Your Data Model

What are you recording to support objectives?

To effectively communicate insights we need to start at the recorded state of the data. What is it what these events and records have in common? How do these recordings map to the organizational goals? Can we spot behavior and patterns? We want to question and understand the data first.


Associated Business Logic

We need to know what to design, right?

How does your organization work? Is there a secret sauce that makes you stand out from the competition? And is that the way we should treat the data? We really want to know more about behavior and associated influences. This is in many solutions out there, the missing glue. Want to know more? Just shoot us a message.


Creative and Fun People

Who doesn't want to work with fun and creative people?

Help us brainstorm, ideate and think about next steps. Lets be entertained by what we do, we wake up every morning to work with the data to get it to speak for itself. Utopian? Yes, we know. We’ll gladly shoot for the stars and know upfront we will be missing those. Imagine how far we could go.

Our Focus.

We’ll focus on the things we are passionate about and for the beliefs that we pursue. If you do your part, we’ll do ours.

Discover and Ideate

Most important that we create a mutual understanding on what it is we want to achieve and also acknowledge that most of things remain unknown to us at first.

Associate and Translate

We really like to think ahead with how we want to make sense out of the data at hand. What can we possibly do to create more value? How will this in the end feel like a walk in the park?

Design and Communicate

We build solutions geared towards the people influencing the things they do, to what the data can indicate. Lets just solve this with visuals that make sense, with some obsession for simplicity.

Let’s Talk About Your Data

Why follow us...

Sure, we also like to ask “So What?”