Patrick Tehubijuluw

I was born in the age where ‘online’ became a word. My generation invented a lot of the digital concepts floating around. Data exponentially grew and up to today this trend still did not stop. An interesting wave of innovation is the amount of seemingly ‘free’ solutions found online, we don’t pay with money, we ‘pay’ for it with a new type of currency; data. This is why we know data is valuable and will enable us to see things from new perspectives. It’s up to us and next generations to make sure data will add to our evolution to create an exciting future. Lets go!

What About Me?

First and foremost; I love to translate data into insights. I know that building data-driven solutions, for learning and decision making, requires you to put in effort into multiple facets of this intriguing craftsmanship.

An optimal solution takes into account the many ways in which data can be transformed and calculated to measure or contextualize all these events and occurrences. Naturally, analysis is done in top-down fashion, breaking down the elements of a bigger picture to understand all the parts.

This means as an information and analytics designer you need to understand what this ‘big picture’ and associated logic looks like, to be able to build different types of analysis. Such solutions help a consumer follow its path from top to bottom, where in the end a conclusion or narrative can be derived.

Together we need to:

  • Understand where the data is captured for what purpose
  • Know which people might benefit from it in their daily lives
  • How measurement of one thing might influence others
  • Design solutions with consistency, flow and a holistic top-down methodology
  • Talk to consumers about inefficiencies or next steps
  • Keep asking ‘Is this the easiest way possible?’
  • Experiment with data, representation and arrangement to understand the rules and constraints

My Age


Years Worked

Domain XP


Finance / Control




Data / Visualization

What I Believe.


Adoption really comes from a user’s experience. If they can’t understand or use it, it is worthless.


Only the data and logic you apply can inform design decisions. If you don’t care about a metric’s logic and associations, you can’t analyze the outcomes.

Start @ End

Data is only valuable when it enables learning or decision making. You can only draw a conclusion at the end of an analysis. That is where a good design starts.


“It’s easy to make things complex.” Commit to turn this idea 180 degrees.

Have Ideas

“We don’t know what we don’t know. Explore, experiment and break stuff to figure out.” This is the start for improvement or maybe see things from a whole new perspective.

Time = Valuable

Time is expensive, demand exceeds supply. Keep your things brief and relevant!

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Skills and Techniques – %

Office Apps


MS Excel / Spreadsheets


Photoshop and Alike


Azure / AWS


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PostgreSQL / MySQL




Qlik Sense


Tableau / Power BI


Miro / xMind / WordPress


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Dutch Language


Stakeholder Management


Agile / Scrum








Data Visualization


Design and UX


My Road Trip


Bonnet Financial Management

I worked here for 5 years fulfilling financial activities as a Business / Financial Controller.


Cendris Customer Contact

I started here as a Financial / Reporting Controller. It is here where I transitioned my role to be data-driven as a Business Intelligence Analyst.


My First Qlik App

I started creating data-driven analytics solutions here.



I had founded this company for a while here. At this time, in 2011, I intended to start my own Analytics Agency.



During my start-up of Credis, Qlik reached out to me. I decided to join; I couldn't possibly be closer to what mattered to me at that point.

Below you can find some other information about me. This may or may not be interesting, that’s up to you.

My Online Presence

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On you can find articles on the intersections of data, design and ideas.


At you can find articles about data and analytics within a wide range of categories.

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My Top 3 Strengths

According to


Your objective is to come up with new concepts and ideas. It’s not even your objective – it’s your way of life. You are constantly on the lookout to connect unconnectable things and to find new perspectives on familiar challenges. Whenever a new idea comes into your mind, you literally lit up like a light bulb. New angles, approaches and perspectives no matter how contrary or bizarre give you an endless source of energy. As the result, the others might see you as an innovative person willing to turn the world around and resort to you if they need some ‘out of the box’ ideas. You are a clear source of creative juices in any team.


Your objective is to see the big picture. Have you heard about ‘taking the helicopter view’? In your case, you are constantly on this helicopter! That’s not even a skill, it’s a special way of seeing things – a special perspective on the world at large, where everything is interconnected. While others could be confused by your short-terms steps, in your mind you have a clear multi-step strategy on how to arrive at the desired outcome and to avoid paths leading nowhere. Such a strategist is an essential asset for any team determined to find a clear direction in a complex situation.


Your objective is to act and to initiate action. You cannot wait until the discussions are over, wondering when we can actually start doing something. Undoubtedly, sometimes the progress could be achieved in a meeting room, but deep down in your heart you know it’s the action that leads to tangible results. If some can be resistant to act because they don’t have full information, for you – acting is the best teacher and the best source of information. How can you know something does not work if we haven’t tried it? You make a decision, you take action, you look at the result, and you learn. As the result, you are impatient for action and, if not managed, it can lead to confusion of your team members. However, this talent of transforming intangible ideas into tangible actions is invaluable in every team. It’s all because you believe that you will be evaluated by what you get done, not what you say or what you think.

Quantified Self

For quite some time now I am into the Quantified Self movement. This means that over the years I have been collecting data that says something about me. Look at the tree structure showing what data within what topic I am collecting about myself.

Daily Music

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Contact Details

If you want to work with me, schedule an online meeting to have a chat or drop me a line, here are my contact details:


Phone: +31 6 515 833 76